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Swann Lake Stables Engagement: Catherine and Jerrod

2 people love this The weather has been crazy this year but I’m so glad that I lucked out with a few gorgeous Fall sessions despite the temperatures fluctuating between 30 and 80 degrees the past two months and lots and lots of rain. You’ll notice a lot of puppy love happening on the blog […]

Swann Lake Stables Wedding in Blush : Julianne and Scott Joe

I was planning to hit the road for Thanksgiving in North Carolina today but the forecast for 100% chance of rain every hour of our journey changed my mind. So it seems fitting to blog a rainy day wedding, (although you wouldn’t know it from the photos). Neillie Butler and the rest of the Mariee […]

Allison and Carl, Swann Lake Stables Wedding, Birmingham AL

4 people love this This wedding has been hibernating through the winter and now that I’ve got sunshine to keep me going I’m back to the blog! I actually had the pleasure of seeing Allison and Carl this weekend for Breanna and Philip’s wedding and was reminded of just how wonderful their wedding day was. […]

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